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Passive Home

Passive House Standards

March 21, 2020

With climate change being the driving force behind a lot of energy saving efforts these days the building world is taking notice. Currently buildings consume 40% of global energy use and emit 30% of the annual global greenhouse gas. With this information a lot of builders and manufactures have taken the necessary steps to ensure their products or buildings are not contributing to the above mentioned numbers.

Passive House (Passivhaus) buildings have been proven to consume up to 90% less heating and cooling energy than a traditionally built building. This high-performance building standard is the only internationally recognized standard in construction.

The benefits of building to Passive House standard include impeccable control over indoor air quality and temperature.The additional costs during the construction phase are well worth the reduced operating costs and reduced carbon footprint left behind by your home or building.

Although the Passive House concept first originated in Europe the search for a more energy efficient way to build is a universal. Locations with more severe climates have successfully completed builds in areas such as Russia, Canada and Northern Sweden.

Access Window and Door Design Centre is committed to providing superior products with peace of mind. They have adopted many European techniques to ensure a more energy efficient building envelope can be achieved using their products. 

Access manufactures our Tilt & Turn windows to the Passive House standard. Our windows can achieve U-values as low as .13, Passive House standard is .8. Triple pane glass featuring LoĒ soft and double argon increasing energy efficiency, thermal and acoustic properties is the standard for all of our Tilt & Turn windows.